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Monday, June 24, 2024
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10 Steps to Prayer

1.    Find a comfortable place where you won't be interrupted. Read several chapters of one of the Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. 


2.    Close your eyes: give thanks for three things.  Move toward God and away from self-sufficiency.

 3.    Ask God to bless and help three other people who you believe may need God's help today.  Move toward others and away from self-centeredness.

 4.    Ask God to forgive your sins and mistakes as you confess them; ask God to give you the strength to forgive.

 5.    Ask God to help one other person that you find hard to like. Ask for insight into that person's problems and how you may allow God's love to flow through you.

 6.    Ask to be sensitive today toward the needs of one person with whom you may share God's love by word and deed.

 7.    Ask for insight into your own personal problems.

 8.    Ask for help in achieving your personal goals.

 9.    Ask God to tell you the most important thing you need to do

 today in order to “seek first His kingdom.”

10.  Listen for three minutes for what God may say to you.

  Close with the Lord's Prayer










































































Welcome to Love Grove Baptist Church!

Thank you for visiting the Love Grove Baptist Church (updated 9/4/19) Website. We are a small church that Loves the Lord and seeks to show God's Loving Light to the World. Please plan to attend one of our worship services if you do not have a church family. Also on Saturday, September 14th at 7:00 am there will be a prayer Breakfast--everyone is invited to attend. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon! May God continue to bless you.


A Schedule of Our Services
 Sunday School 10:00 am
 Worship Service         11:00 am
 Sunday Evening Services   6:00 pm
 Wednesday Night Prayer Service  7:00 pm



God called Pastor Tom to be our faithful Leader and we are so thankful to have him and Mrs. Traci at Love Grove Baptist Church!

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